How To Improve Interviews

Many interviews focus on the skills that are needed for the job and then the ‘chemistry’ between the interviewer and the candidate. While the skill side can be made fairly objective, the ‘chemistry’ piece is difficult to quantify. What you really want to know is what motivates this person, how will the react to our culture and the job and what might they do when faced with a difficult situation. Fortunately, these can be defined as behaviors and assessed as part of the process.

Understanding the ideal behavioral as well as the skill needs for the position is critical. We use a tool called the PRO to allow several stakeholders to develop agreement around the ideal behavioral needs and then communicate that to HR. HR can then use an assessment like the Predictive Index® to match the candidates to the PRO. The interview process now focuses on the gaps between the ideal and the actual. This makes the process much more efficient. In addition, this adds an objective side the process that counterbalances natural connections or biases.

The true behavioral style of an individual is often difficult or impossible for people to see in the live interview alone, resulting in mis-hires. As a result, managers often tell us that they wish they could have hired the person they interviewed and not the person who showed up for work. By adding an accurate assessment to the process, you will improve the quality and effectiveness of your interviewing process.

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